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LabLite Calibration, Maintenance, and Training

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Do you have equipment that needs to be maintained or calibrated? Do you have personnel in your organization that require specific training? With LabLite CMT you can schedule and track the calibration and maintenance required on every piece of equipment or component in your plant. In addition to tracking routine or scheduled events you can track emergency repairs, the length of time an item is down, and the cost of these events. You can add equipment documents and images, record service and warranty information, and track equipment location and responsible party. LabLite CMT also allows you to schedule and track training. You can quickly record who attended the training and if they passed a specific training event. The program comes with a full complement of detail and summary reports.

LabLite CMT was designed with the following goals in mind:
  • Manage and prioritize the calibration and maintenance workload
  • Track accountability and adherence to process
  • Provide reports and metrics needed for continuous process improvement
LabLite CMT met these challenges with a program that provides:
  • Ease of use, with a simple user interface
  • Built-in filters, and sort capability
  • Configurable setup and permissions

Communications - LabLite CMT provides a communication interface between lab personnel by allowing them to share comments and acknowledge changes in equipment calibration or maintenance status. This visual queue can be enhanced with email notifications.

Manage Workload - LabLite CMT can minimize keystrokes and data entry errors. Lablite CMT allows multiple labs and production areas the ability to see the status of their equipment, anywhere in the process. Individuals, labs, or areas can establish preferred display settings.

Tracking - LabLite CMT provides a date/time stamp of every status change or action. The program provides visual warnings, or can deny access, when proper event sequence is not followed, or when users attempt functions they are not authorized to perform.

Reports and Metrics - LabLite CMT provides an Event History Detail report. Time between events can be measured against established metrics in order to target areas for process improvement.

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