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LabLite LLC currently offers Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) software products. Your choice of product(s) depends on your lab type and requirements. Select a product to view a description, or contact us for the right match to support your operations.

LabLite SQL LIMS is a full featured application designed to support small to large scale labs or testing operations. Product features include security, scheduling, sample login, results tracking and flagging, QC charting, graphing, reporting and billing. This LIMS is an excellent choice for labs that anticipate growth.
LabLite Process Control
This solution is ideal to meet the routine and repetitive data entry needs of water and wastewater treatment plants, manufacturing, industrial, and product testing facilities. Whether you work in shifts, have multiple plants, process or production lines, this product will adapt to meet your needs.
LabLite Stability
This product is an ideal fit for product testing and R&D facilities that need to manage and prepare sample lots for condition testing. Standardize the way researchers submit stability studies. Manage chambers (sample aging) areas, and pull schedules.
LabLite Calibration, Maintenance, and Training
Schedule and track the Calibration and Maintenance of your lab instruments, and/or the equipment in your plant or facility. Also schedule and track Training. This can be company wide, by department, or down to individual employee training record.
LabLite Customer Service
This application is designed to support any organization that receives customer calls or complaints. Track customer concerns, and your actions "cradle to grave". Use stand alone or fully integrated with LabLite SQL LIMS. An ideal fit for any organization that must do additional sample testing in response to customer calls.

Lablite also offers the following services and support: LIMS consulting, custom LIMS solutions, database development, data migration, report writing, instrument and/or SCADA interface, handheld data collection, dashboard, training, barcode tracking and import/export from other data sources.

Our products share many aspects:

  • LabLite code is written in Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Database "back-end" is Microsoft SQL Server
  • Program design is modular allowing for "snap-in" custom functions
  • User can upgrade to more powerful version without loss of data
  • Programs run on current Windows Operating Systems
  • Basic LabLite graphical interface is similar across product line
  • Integration with Microsoft Office suite and other e-mail, fax and accounting packages is standard
  • Our programs are designed for intuitive use and can be learned in a matter of hours.
  • Documentation and on-line help are excellent.
  • LabLite products can match any report style required. Field names are editable and can be translated into any language.
  • The ability for each user to configure his/her own data views saves valuable time and provides better security.

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