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LabLite Stability Tracker

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LabLite Stability Tracker is designed to improve communications and accountability between researchers and chamber (sample aging) areas. This program is an ideal fit for product testing and R&D facilities that need to manage and prepare sample lots for condition testing.

LabLite Stability Tracker was designed with the following goals in mind:
  • Speed communication between researchers and chamber areas
  • Manage and prioritize the research and chamber interchange
  • Track accountability and adherence to process
  • Provide reports and metrics needed for continuous process improvement
LabLite Stability Tracker met these challenges with a program that provides:
  • A simple yet powerful user interface
  • Built-in filters, and sort capability
  • Configurable setup and permissions

Communications - LabLite Stability Tracker provides a communication interface between researchers and chamber areas by allowing them to share comments regarding changes in lot, study, and chamber status. The program can include email notifications.

Manage Workload - LabLite Stability Tracker can minimize keystrokes and data entry errors by accepting study criteria directly from the researchers. Chamber personnel place the lots into chambers meeting lab-defined conditions, and can transfer all associated lot, study, and chamber information without repetitive data entry. LabLite Stability Tracker allows multiple reserachers the ability to see the status of their lots and studies anywhere in the process. User rights are definable.

Tracking - LabLite Stability Tracker provides a date/time stamp of every sample status change or action. This includes tracking when lots are moved between chambers or are pulled from chambers for testing. Items can be searched by date range, researcher, study, lot, product, unit, chamber etc... combining power, flexibility, and ease of use.

Reports and Metrics - LabLite Stability Tracker maintains study, lot, and chamber information throughout the aging process. Chamber and study specific reports can be produced electronically or in hard copy. Study details can be used to establish metrics or target areas for process improvement.

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