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LabLite Process Control

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LabLite Process Control is the solution for the needs of a treatment plant or manufacturing facility. It provides for automatic flagging of multiple limits and exceptions. Secure screens can be presented for individual operators or shifts for specific sequences of data entry. LabLite Process Control has the ability to exactly match compliance or summary reports with a click.

Design criteria required an intuitive user-friendly interface for the powerful feature sets being offered. The source code is written in MS Visual Basic and is open and annotated.

LabLite Process Control uses Microsoft SQL Server database, and is the most affordable solution for process control applications.

Process Control Benefits
  • Easy to learn with online help files and manual
  • Minimal up-front training needed
  • Increases lab productivity
  • Improves turn-around time
  • No more embarrassing lost or missing samples
  • Minimizes clerical hours and transcription errors
  • Improves client services and lab image
  • Eases pressures of day-to-day data management
  • Increased efficiency leads to higher profit margins
Data Entry Security
Data Entry Security
Associations Data Mining
Associations Data Mining
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Standard with all products
  • First year of support included in pricing
  • No license or user renewal fees
  • Leasing options available
  • Discounts for gov't and non-profit organizations
  • Custom features/reporting available
  • Money back guarantee

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