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Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants

If you are operating a drinking water or wastewater treatment plant, you must record a variety of data every day or even on each shift to ensure continuous optimal performance. Lablite has a Process Control program, which is optimized for individual security and input permissions for each user of the system. When an operator logs on securely, his/her date specific default screen is displayed ready for data entry. Data can include meter readings, analytes (pH), filter backwash, flows, etc. When target limits are exceeded, the operator gets an automatic color change cue. All this data is stored in SQL Server for automatic generation of state approved monthly summary reports, electronic data deliverables, weekly, daily, trend graphs or export to other programs. Process Control will snap into the full Lablite LIMS version if or when your plant has advanced analytical needs.

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