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Genetic Laboratories

Genetic Laboratories

LabLite adapts to Genetic laboratory models by controlling predetermined configuration options in SQL query function tables, each discipline of genome focus will have some unique features. LabLite is designed to rapidly flex to the needed form not just at inception but also in operation as new solutions are needed. An example of one of these is the ability to link a reported result to a chromatograph, CAD representation, or many other file types. These other files may include advanced calculations and repetitions specifically selected to demonstrate stability, or establish drift to confirm accuracy. LabLite will import this data and save the source file as a referenced part of the result. With our capability of matching custom report formats, management can match their existing output or take advantage of new functionality they have been previously unable to use for reporting solutions. The regulatory or compliance, or summary report styles are easily generated for FDA type EDD, or final reports.

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