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LIMS Comparison

Our experience has shown that one or more of the following considerations may not be fully addressed prior to the acquisition and/or implementation of a new LIMS system. Hindsight is always 20/20. As your organization researches multiple LIMS providers, it is very important to find the aswers to questions that may not be initially obvious.

The following comparison table addresses several of these key LIMS considerations. While this list is not exhaustive, it should serve to get you started in your quest for the LIMS solution that's best for you.

Feature/Purchase Consideration LabLite SQL LIMS Most Other LIMS
License Fee - Is this a one time cost? Yes No
Is pricing based on the # of users? (Per seat fees) No Yes, usually
Is pricing based on the modules purchased? No, complete package Yes, usually
Will you need to hire a full time LIMS administrator? No Yes, usually
Will you need to send users to remote training? No Yes, usually
What is the aproximate daily rate for custom* work. $800 - $1200 $1450 - $2500**
Is there an extra charge for project management? No Yes, usually
Are support costs (annual maintenance) competitive? Yes, 10% No, 15% to 25%
Does a live trained technical person answer the phone? Yes, usally less than 3 rings No, usually voicemail/recording
Is the LIMS easy to use? Yes No
Is minimal training required to get started? Yes No
Are advanced features included? Yes No, unless you pay more $$$
Are there multiple levels of support, with increased cost? No: One complete level Yes, usually: Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.
* Regardless of how robust any LIMS product claims to be, there is always a need for custom work. This is particularly true when it comes to reporting. ** Or higher!

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License Fees

Licenses for LabLite products are a one time cost. Other vendors charge licenses fees. They also charge to renew their licenses each year, and may also have per seat or “user” charges.

LabLite will support your growth without additional costs per user.

Additional Users

LabLite does not charge extra for additional users or network "seats". The ability to utilize LabLite SQL LIMS can only limited by the hardware at your site.


Some LIMS providers charge per module. By the time that you purchase all of their "modules" you will have paid too much.

Our entire suite of modules are included in LabLite SQL LIMS. There is no additional cost.

Do you need a full time LIMS administrator with LabLite?

LabLite was designed by lab professionals for ease of use and stability using industry standard Microsoft SQL Server as a back end and MS Office applications to enhance its front end. The interface is familiar and any support necessary can easily be performed by LabLite personnel remotely. You do not need a LIMS administrator

User Group Training - is it a necessity?

LabLite SQL LIMS has an intuitive interface and is easily learned. Lablite provides on site and web based training to our clients. You do not need to send your personnel to an offsite training session. New users are trained quickly and can personalize their own views of the data that they work with.

Extra work or training - what's the catch?

In addition to our commercial off the shelf (COTS) solutions, Lablite offers custom development and programming as needed.

LabLite is both fair and reasonable if extra work is necessary or requested to tailor functionality to meet your specific needs.

The bottom line is that per diem rates will impact you as the LIMS purchaser.

Advanced Features

LabLite SQL LIMS ships with several advanced features that are automatically included with your implementation.