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How can a LabLite LIMS benefit you and generate profits for your lab?

Benefit, save, and increase profits
  • A LIMS will make your lab more efficient, while saving you time and money.
  • LabLite scales to your needs and grows in capabilities with changes in technologies.
  • Labor costs as percent of operating expenses typically drop 10-15% once LabLite is installed.
  • There is no more wasted clerical time on data re-entry or transfer.
  • Analysts can get their own work lists based on any priority with a click of the mouse.
  • Productivity is tracked, and there is less need for direct management.
  • QA/QC records are retained and linked automatically.
  • Reports can be printed, faxed or e-mailed automatically.
  • Any user can answer customer requests.
  • Management Reports keep track of all lab activities and provide audit trails to insure
    integrity of results.
  • Training required is minimal, making it easier to replace or add lab technicians during busy periods.
  • LabLite is less expensive than many lab instruments and never wears out nor complains about workloads.

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